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Red dragon cartel deceived

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Hell Yeah! But of course also some small club Tour concerts were planned, so we picked up the Tilburg gig to start with

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Who are we to disagree with them??? This is a pretty solid effort, and what I see as a welcome return for a guy that really knows how to put together songs and blistering guitar parts.

There is definitely no shortage of heavy sound here. Great heavy groove going on.

Red dragon cartel | discography | discogs

Dr Music. J blew the audience away. First, let me tell you that Badlands was one of my favorite bands.

Lee sounds as sharp as ever, with almost every track featuring a monster solo or riff. I think the thing I like most about this record is the fact that it finds a way to be melodic.

Lee guitar sound. Since the disbanding of Badlands, Jake E.

Red dragon cartel (cd) - music online | raru

Lee has been reclusive might cwrtel a bit over-the-top, but he sure has been flying under the radar in the past ten or fifteen years. It was great to hear Paul DiAnno again, as he turns in a nice performance on a solid metal song.

And Jake E? Underneath all of the heavy elements of these songs, there are melodic elements that make them work even better.

He was one of the finest guitarplayers on this planet and stiil is. Welcome back, Jake.

Red Dragon Cartel trades in the blues groove of Badlands for a more metal approach. Red Dragon Cartel is Jake E. This Dragom - yeah, with a capital "R.

The riffs were vicious, the solos melodic yet aggressive, and the groove was deeper than the Grand Canyon. A couple years later he formed the bluesy hard rock band Badlands. But it would be wrong to give this guy all the honors as Jake has put together a damn good rythmn section with Jonas Fairley on drums and the awesome Dragln Mancuso on bass.

Red dragon cartel apologize for singer’s live debut

But to start right away, D. Hell Yeah!

As long time fan I wanted to hear the freshly born Wasted, I wanted to hear Deceived at least 3 times and in fact I had to erase the slate carrel expectation before I jumped into Red Dragon Cartel, and you probably should, too. But this is not Badlands. Most of these songs have that ature Jake E.

He gives a little glimpse towards his Ozzy Period, takes just a small part out of the amazing Badlands-collection Yes, Ray Gillen is still among us! But of course also some small club Tour concerts were planned, so we picked up the Tilburg gig to start with Smith who is also the drummer of the current Harem Dravon Line-up. All rights reserved.